Beautiful Things: Ceramic Dishes

by matkonation | 09.01.13

By: Deanna Linder

A few weeks ago I arrived at Danya’s studio for a photo shoot, parked temporarily right outside the door just to unload my boxes of dishes and props. Suddenly a parking spot opened up right across the street, so I moved the car, and within seconds of not looking, one of my boxes was gone. My heart dropped. Dishes and props that I had spent years collecting from flea markets all over the world were gone in a second. Instinctually I immediately ran to the flea market (right next to the studio), hoping I would find some (expletive) selling my stuff. No trace of any of my beautiful things.

Since then, on several occasions (especially before a shoot), I dream (involuntarily) of my props, and how I wish I could just use them one more time. I know it sounds a bit extreme, and I’m completely aware that they were only material things, but anyone that has spent the time and effort to collect something is sure to understand me.

Most of the dishes and props I use in shoots are my personal collection of things I have found around the world, but I’ve had two recent big projects for which I was looking for ceramic dishes, different from what I’m used to using. I found two of the most remarkable ceramicists here in Israel. Thanks to their beautiful dishes, the food we shoot looks so appealing.

Thank you Irit and Yaara for the pleasure of using such beautiful things. Makes me miss mine just a little less.

Hidden within the cobblestone alleys of old Jaffa lays Irit Goldberg’s store, I Home. Her quaint little shop holds hundreds of her monochromatic one-of-a-kind pieces alongside beautiful vintage silverware and tableware.

I met Yaara Nir Kahlon when she called me earlier this week looking for a stylist to do a shoot with her dishes. I opened up her website and saw exactly what I had in mind for the shoot I had the next day. Off-white, clean, simple but yet so elegant, Yaara’s dishes reminded me of the amazing dishes I had seen at my favorite store in NYC, ABC Home. Turns out they were the dishes I saw at ABC Home.


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