Between Yaffo, Paris and Italy-Sardinia

by matkonation | 13.10.12


By: Danya Weiner

I have two siblings. I’m the oldest, then three years after me came my little sister Noa, and then three years after her came Alon, my little (big-6’6”) brother. As kids, we weren’t that close- I would always choose one of them and gang up on the other, they never caught on that they could gang up on me (the perks of first born I guess).Time passed and brought with it incidents which brought us closer together, especially the three of us. We called ourselves the Weiner Buns.

In the upcoming week Alon is moving to Paris for a few years to work on his Post-Doctorate and in the past few weeks we’ve been making an effort, the three of us, to get together more and these encounters have been filled with nostalgic memories of our childhood.

This past week the three of us went out to dinner. Since I’m the culinary go-to of the bunch, I was to choose the place. I chose the new Italian trattoria, Sardinia, located in the old quaint part of Yaffo, Tel Aviv.

Sardinia is the new spot of Chef Roy Sofer, a sort of local culinary all-star, who was behind one of Israel’s first really talked about restaurants, Pangea. I met Roy at a photo shoot I did at Pangea several years ago, and we run into each other often (he’s my neighbor).  Since closing Pangea he’s been doing mostly culinary consulting, and I was waiting patiently until he opened up a new spot. He did, and he asked me to do a shoot at Sardinia when it had just opened, two months ago.

At first look I was a bit disappointed with the dishes that were listed on the menu. I guess I had expectations from his days at Pangea, where every dish was overtly innovative. Sardinia is a whole other concept and the way a true Italian trattoria should be, with classic dishes that are made with fresh, quality ingredients like the ragu with mint and ricotta, or the Italian artichokes.

We started off our meal with a few first courses which included a caprese salad that was served with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella that had been marinated in balsamic vinegar. We also tried the sweet corn polenta with portabello mushrooms and the yellowtail crudo, with lime and yogurt, which was definitely the best dish of the entire meal.

For our main course we ordered the Ragu (my fourth time having it there, it’s that good), the fish filet on a bed of artichokes and the porcini pizza with arugula and pecorino. We drank good Italian wine and had tiramisu and a plum crumble for dessert.

The food was delicious and the company too. The entire evening we laughed and reminisced, and it really got me to appreciate the fact that my siblings are also my friends, which is not something to be taken for granted.

Alon, it’s difficult to see you go and to let go of you in my everyday life, but I know it’s the right thing for you, and that Paris will allow you experience things that I could only dream of.

Know that you are my go-to person in Paris, and I’m going to take advantage of it, starting now.


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