3 weeks, 4 restaurants, one city of angels

by matkonation | 05.09.12

By: Deanna Linder


I got back from LA last week. Now that I’m settled in and almost over that horrible thing known as jetlag, I can finally sit down to share some of the awesome things I did, I mean ate, while in the city of angels.

Besides hanging with my family and friends, my favorite things to do in a LA are what LA offers best: Shopping and Eating. This time I decided to keep a low profile on the shopping side, unless you consider several runs to Gap Kids shopping. What I did do was eat, and eat well. And thanks to a few very good friends, who love food as much as I do, I was taken to some delicious spots, with not only outstanding food, but lots of character as a whole.

Here’s my journey in words and photos.

One of my oldest friends, Michael and I have recently started a tradition of picking a super spot to eat whenever were in each other’s home court.  Last time I was in LA he took me for the MOST amazing Thai food place in a strip mall. When he was inIsraelI took him and some of his friends to Omer Miller’s, Shulchan, which they loved. Now it was his turn. He took me toKoreaTown, to which I’ve been several times but only for the famous Korean BBQ cuisine. He took me to something different. Dang Sung Sa is the Korean version of a Gastro-pub, along with the ability to smoke inside.  The place was too dark to photograph food, but we ate a delicious seafood pancake and a fishcake oden soup, which was just the kind of hearty food I was looking for after my long haul from theMiddle East. We shared a bottle of Soju, a kind of mix of unfiltered Sake and San Pellegrino, my two favorite beverages. We poured the Soju for eachother, in respect for the Korean tradition. After dinner we went to a small venue to see two live bands, hung out with LA hipsters, and then said our goodbyes-until the next visit.

An even older friend, and real sole mate of mine, Dana, was a foodie way before I even knew what burrata was. She’s sent me all over the world to good restaurants, and it was no different in LA. Dana is the E-Commerce Manager of the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. She invited me to join her for high tea at the hotel, one of the most sought after teas in the city. The afternoon tea turned into a five hour event of pure joy, food, conversation, and a random invite to a wine tasting. The tea started with a serving of fresh strawberries and cream, and of course tea. Next came the perfectly styled sandwiches followed by the delightful array of pastries, including my favorite, the jasmine tea and passion fruit macaron. But what got me the most, being a stylist, was the beautiful table settings, the manicured grounds-every detail in the hotel has been utterly cared for.

Dana was responsible for another one of food adventures in LA. This time the new LA hotspot called, Sun of a Gun. LA Times called the restaurant an “Urban Beach Shack” and I think that’s the best way to describe it. We ordered some of the staples, on the somewhat changing menu. We both started with a glass of Chablis, and I ordered a plate of the oysters, which although going against my personal rule of only eating oysters in months that end in “R”, were just the right texture and flavor. We had the lobster roll which comes on a brioche roll and is topped with potato chips. Another outstanding dish was the fried chicken sandwich, but it did seem weird being in a trendy LA hotspot eating a sandwich that reminded me more of the (delicious) snack bar at my brother’s high school football games. But that’s the genius of the restaurant and I guess the genius of LA in general- image is everything. We skipped dessert at the restaurant and instead she took me to the famousNew Yorkbakery, Magnolia Bakery, which opened up in LA in 2010. It was there that we had a bite of heaven in the form of banana pudding, with layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and creamy vanilla pudding.

Last year I came across a tweet from the LA Times talking about a new sushi hotspot inLA called Kings Burgers/Got Sushi. Although LA is swarming with amazing sushi joints, this tweet really caught my eye for two reasons. 1. The place was literally two minutes from the house I grew up in, and where my parents live today. 2. I had driven by this place over thousands of times during my childhood, and never thought that there could be amazing sushi in a place called Kings Burgers.  I thought it was the perfect place for me to go with a relatively new foodie friend I’ve made, Keren. After the initial shock of walking into the place which is split up into a sushi bar and a burger joint, we sat down and ordered. The fish quality was remarkable as were the innovative rolls. My favorites were the grilled black cod handroll, the yellowtail with black truffles, cherry tomato and arugula, and their hamachi sushi sampler.  I went back twice after, it was that good, and that close to home.


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