Egg Sandwiches

by matkonation | 08.08.12
by: Danya Weiner

Until about a month ago, Oded (my husband) and I were loving the fact that our boys were finally at that age where they could pretty much entertain themselves. Now we have gone back in time. We no longer sleep full nights to the point where when we wake up, we actually feel as if we never even slept. My days are filled with questions regarding the new bundle of joy- is he crying because…a. he’s tired b. he’s got gas or c. hungry?

I know it’s all worth it and that the first year is the toughest of them all, I’ve been there twice already. I know that when they grow up, even just a few years, we completely forget how hard it was. But right now, all I can say is- it’s hard.

Even during those quiet moments, time for myself is almost non existent. When he’s sleeping, I go on facebook for a few minutes to catch up with the outside world, respond to emails and then last, realize that I should probably eat some lunch. At this point, I still don’t have it in me to really cook up a meal, knowing that he could wake up at any point. What I do make for myself these days are sandwiches. It sounds a bit boring, but don’t feel bad for me. If you know me, or have read this blog just a few times, you know that I’m not the type of girl to go for some cheese stuffed inside two slices of dry bread (like Oded does).

For me, each sandwich is made with the upmost effort, even if I only have a whole 10 minutes to prep and eat. Making a really good sandwich doesn’t mean that you have to have a fully stocked pantry or hard to find ingredients. What you do need is to give your sandwich the proper attention it deserves.

My daily sandwich routine gives me the feeling that I’m taking care of me, amongst the exhaustion and constant caring of my three boys.

Tips for making the perfect sandwich:

  1. Bread- I try to always keep good bread from my local bakery in the freezer. I usually go forRyeor French bread. This is the base, literally, to a good sandwich.
  2. Spreads- in my pantry I always keep good quality mustard and mayo. Sometimes I buy pesto, tapenade or spreadable cheese.
  3. The heart of the sandwich- I like to vary the filling, but here were talking about egg sandwiches, so I like to make stuffed omelets, sunny-side-up, or hard boiled eggs and eggplants.
  4. Vegetables- every sandwich needs its vegetables; thin slices of tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, pickles.
  5. The final touch- sea salt, lemon and some olive oil. This is what makes me a bit snobby- but it really makes all the difference.


I hope you’ll forgive me for not providing a full-out recipe this time, but I have the baby as an excuse- and hey, we were able to do a photo shoot with him…that’s something. Next week we’ll be back with a delicious recipe.

So what’s in the picture?

Sabich Sandwich– pita bread slightly toasted, grilled or fried slices of eggplant, hard-boiled egg, tehini, a squeeze of lemon and some chopped parsley.

Omelet Sandwich– Rye bread, grated zucchini and feta omelet, a slice of tomato, arugula, and of course, salt, olive oil and some lemon juice.

Sunny-Side-Up Sandwich-olive bread toasted crisp, ricotta cheese, a sunny-side-up egg with mushrooms and green onions (only in the egg white), closed with another slice of bread and squished just enough to let the egg yolk pop and drip over the entire sandwich.


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